Ownership is important and with streaming platforms, we’re just renting.

March 2022

Kanye’s stem player is misunderstood by the masses but drives an important conversation around independence for artists.

January 2022

I found a new industry plant and did some digging...

May 2021

This is not about privacy - it is about profits.

January 2021

We are now in the age of Orwellian surveillance and censorship.

September 2020

The record industry is long overdue for a good mix up and Kanye is about to deliver it.
The COVID-19 era has put out some of the strongest and most thought-provoking releases I've heard in a long time. Here are some of my favorites.

August 2020

We experienced a data collection disaster with Facebook — can we avoid making the same mistake with TikTok?

August 2019

The Future Tools of Social Media is a series by Prescient Digital that provides insight into emerging online trends shaping the future of…
A case for advertising on adult sites